Sunday, November 14, 2004

One State Two States Red States Blue States

Kevin Drum has an interesting post on the origins of the "red states-blue states" meme. The usage only goes back to the 2000 election--in prior presidential elections, democrats were usually denoted by red in election maps. Matthew Yglesias laments this, wishing to retain the link between red and the left. I admit it's a bit strange that the party that not-too-long ago was "better red than dead" is now red. But since the end of the cold war, I'd say that the color most associated with the left is green. Anyway, there's no going back, and it makes sense that "red," "right," and "republican" all start with R. Plus you can think about rednecks.

(I originally titled this post "The Red and the Blue," but then I noted that Yglesias already used that title, so I had to resort to a more juvenile literary reference.)


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