Friday, October 08, 2004

Mistakes were made

This story reports new lows in evading responsibility. A ceramic mural by artist Maria Alquilar just installed outside the new library in Livermore, CA, was found to contain several misspelled names of historical figures, including "Eistein" and "Shakespere." The artist's unapologetic response:
There were plenty of people around during the installation who could and should have seen the missing and misplaced letters, she said.

"Even though I was on my hands and knees laying the installation out, I didn't see it," she said.

Anyway, she said, the mistakes wouldn't even register with a true artisan.

On the bright side, she was somehow able to spell "Tonantzin (the Aztec goddess of motherhood), Tutankhamen (an Egyptian pharaoh) and Archipenko (an American sculptor)


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