Friday, July 09, 2004

What I'm doing for national defense

I've been away a while, but I've decided now that I've settled down in my new place and new job, I'd start posting again.

I just switched over to the Firefox browser. I was listening to Kojo Nmamdi talking to The Computer Guys on the radio about how with IE you can now get a virus just by visiting a website. They posed the question:

The Department of Homeland Security's US-CERT -- the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team -- is warning about vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. What are you doing to help with the national defense right now?
(6%) A. I'm still using Internet Explorer and ignoring all the fuss.
(7%) B. I'm still using Internet Explorer, but I followed CERT's recommendation to turn off JavaScript and Active X, set security to high, and install the latest patches.
(33%) C. No problem for me -- I use the FireFox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, or another non-Microsoft browser.
(39%) D. No problem for me -- I use a Mac.
(6%) E. No problem for me -- I use Linux.
(6%) F. I'm just a powerless cog -- I use whatever web browser my IT masters tell me to use.
(3%) G. I've stopped using the Internet.
I decided it was time to choose option C. So far I like Firefox a lot. It seems to be faster than IE, and it has this cool tab feature that I'm finding very useful. Plus I get to feel like I'm sticking it to Microsoft! Maybe I'll switch over to Thunderbird for mail next...