Sunday, May 02, 2004

I'm going to Dinosaur Adventure Land!

After thanking Jesus for helping him win the Super Bowl, today's young Christian athlete might consider skipping Disney World and going to the theme park described here:
Robert and Schön Passmore took their children to Disney World last fall and left bitterly disappointed. As Christians who reject evolutionary theory, the family scoffed at the park's dinosaur attractions, which date the apatosaurus, brachiosaurus and the like to prehistoric times....

So this week, the Passmores sought out a lower-profile Florida attraction: Dinosaur Adventure Land, a creationist theme park and museum here that beckons children to "find out the truth about dinosaurs" with games that roll science and religion into one big funfest with the message that Genesis, not science, tells the real story of the creation.

(via Crescat Sententia)


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