Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Fine the DJ

It seems the FCC has fined a spanish-language radio station after a pair of DJs made a prank phone call to Fidel Castro, but failed to obtain permission for putting his voice on the air. This FCC document contains an amusingly dry account of the episode:
The Commission received an informal complaint that Station WXDJ(FM) broadcast a telephone conversation between radio personalities Joe Ferrero and Enrique Santos of WXDJ and President Fidel Castro of the Republic of Cuba and four officials of the Cuban government. According to the complaint, and a recording of the broadcast available on WXDJ(FM)’s website, Mr. Santos and Mr. Ferrero pretended to be President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and a high-ranking Venezuelan government official, and telephoned the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Relations, requesting to speak to President Castro. Each Cuban official was informed that President Chavez was on the line waiting to speak to President Castro on an urgent matter and each official transferred the caller to another official closer to the intended recipient until President Castro answered the phone. When Mr. Castro answered the phone, Mr. Ferrero informed him that President Chavez was on the line and wished to speak to him concerning the loss of some sensitive material. Moments later, Mr. Ferrero revealed the ruse to Mr. Castro and identified himself and Mr. Santos as employees of Station WXDJ(FM).
They then called Castro an assassin, and the conversation broke down pretty fast.


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