Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Cheaters Prosper

Here's a Washington Post piece about the ever-dwindling level of enforcement of tax laws by the IRS. The audit rates and the number of auditors have decreased while the sophistication of cheaters has increased. The money quotes:
What isn't so easy to understand is why the Bush administration and Congress aren't falling all over themselves to give the IRS more money. Tax enforcement pays for itself many times over, and it would seem to be a good way to cut the deficit.....

So what does this mean for you as a taxpayer? Well, you've got four choices:
- Pay more taxes to make up for the cheats.
- Settle for less service from the government.
- Become a cheat yourself (I don't recommend it).
- Start screaming to your representatives in Congress that you want the tax laws enforced.

This is a little worrisome...toleranceance for cheating can spread like a virus. I hope the politicians don't let the voters' general dislike for the IRS turn the U.S. into Italy.


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